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Jen vstupní test (AJ)

Rozřazovací test

I.) Gramaticko-lexikální část:

Are Is Do Have

What Where How Which

do/want are/wanting do/wanting are/want

forward after for up

start starts srarting are starting

where is my key my key is where where my key is my key where is

isn´t available. isn´t connect. hold the line. put you through.

How much it is cost How much it is How much it cost how much does it cost

could can could have have walked

At what time How much o´clock How many o´clock What time

popular with like keen on famous for

some a --- the

isn´t she is she doesn´t she does she?

I am eating I eat I will have I shall get

over after out of into

drove was driving has driven did drive

cheat cheats cheating to cheat

doesn´t see didn´t see is not seeing hasn´t seen

drawer hole window table

I am going to answer it. I am answering it. I had answered it. I will answer it.

haven´t to mustn´t can don´t have to

exciting excite excited excitement

on off down up

have I ever been to London I ever went to London I had ever been to London did I ever go to London

In spite Despite Spite Despite the fact that

am were would be will be

am used got used used use

either too as well nor

drank have drunk had drunk were drinking

painting paint painted paints

will be cruising will cruise were cruising are going to cruise

would have passed will pass would pass passed

didn´t have to hurry didn´t hurry needed to hurry needn´t have hurried

II.) Písemný projev: