MAVO - Jazyková škola

Courses in English


Mavo, a school in the centre of Prague, has been offering courses in business and English language since 1995. To date these have been separate specialisms but in the coming months we will be combining these two areas in order to offer training in technical skills taught in English. Prague is increasingly an international city whose businesses demand a techologically-literate skillset. Mavo will help English-speaking job seekers to hone these in-demand skills.

MS Windows and MS Office

Outside of a few specific industries, there are now few companies which do not use the Windows operating system to some extent. Most demand familiarity with its basic features. Many desire a greater knowledge of Microsoft's flagship package, Microsoft Office, whether this may involve the ability to confidently navigate Microsoft's word processing package, Word, its sophisticated database, Excel, or its presentation program, Powerpoint. Mavo's course, which will be delivered in English, will guide you through the terminology, menu systems and key shortcuts to this powerful system.

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